Monday, March 19, 2018

How readers have helped shape my books


I absolutely listen to my readers, they’re the people I work for, and so I’ve always taken the time to contemplate their comments, but cautiously. Never mind the critics, I filter out the highs and the lows, and focus on the comments that I tend to hear over and over. In the early years, I heard how much readers appreciated the fact that I rarely use profanity in my novels. It was an early choice and a good one. I’ll use a few misdemeanor swear words here and there, but over eight novels there isn’t a single f-bomb, and there never will be. Thanks to readers, I’ve also been able to zero in on what they value most about my books. The pacing, the realistic relationships, the global geographical settings, and as a result, as I craft my rough draft, I take extra care to make sure I’ve done everything possible to enhance these elements. Readers matter, they’re smart, and my books benefit from their observations.


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