Thursday, November 13, 2014

Airliners, ferry boats and aircraft carriers!

Hello all, it's been a very crazy four weeks and I apologize for the delay in posting--but I've been busy.

I departed Montana in early October on a mission:  Get to Minneapolis to talk with doctors about my poor knee.  The consensus is that there isn't much cartilage remaining, so if the pain persists and another surgical procedure is considered, it will probably be a total knee replacement.  They injected me with cortisone and sent me limping on my way.  So far so good...

After Minneapolis, I journeyed westward and spent time writing in British Columbia, as well as visiting my favorite haunts in Victoria, and Ucluelet--(it's an amazing place, along with it's sister city, Tofino).

Last weekend found me in San Diego at the veteran's book fair aboard the aircraft carrier USS Midway.  There were at least 35 authors in attendance and many many books are now on their way to veterans around the world. I had a wonderful time visiting with readers, as well as friends, both old and new.

 I left sunny SoCal, traveled north, and I'm now on Vancouver Island.  I have three weeks set aside to completely focus on applying the finishing touches to Donovan Nash thriller number six, and of course, we're a little more than ninety-days from the launch of Aftershock.  Like I said, there's a lot going on in my world.

Enjoy the pictures.