Friday, December 11, 2015

Whew. Fifty and no more counting!

Hello all--

In the mid 1990's, I landed in Anchorage Alaska, and that event marked the 49th state that I'd visited. I only had one more to go--which was Hawaii.  I wasn't concerned, I flew jets for a living, and it seems everyone wanted to go to Hawaii, so it would happen, and probably sooner than later.  The years passed, and each time I flew over an ocean it was the Atlantic. The total number of countries reached 40, and my state total was still stuck at 49.  Then, in 2008, I was forced to quit flying.

One Monday morning not long ago, I was thinking about my travels, and what was left on my life to-do-list.  On impulse, I booked a trip to Maui.  I'm here now, writing this from my room overlooking the ocean, and it's pretty cool.  I can't do all the things I would have done ten, or fifteen years ago, my skeleton seems most unhappy these days, but it's still an amazing place.  Also, the sunset pictured below happens outside my balcony each evening, and coincides perfectly with happy hour.  Better late than never, and who knows, maybe Donovan Nash will return to the islands once I leave?   


In other news, I received an email from my publisher informing me that not long ago, Code Black was #55 on Amazon, which makes me a best selling novelist.

Pegasus Down is officially posted on my website: and is available for pre-order with most retailers.  Order early, it makes everyone in my world happy, especially me. A gift certificate stocking stuffer perhaps?

I'm also putting together the 2016 book tour, if you have any suggestions let me know--I'll see what I can do.

Last but not least, I want everyone to have a great holiday season, cherish the people you love, and please, be kind to one another and travel safe.