Monday, February 15, 2016

Coming 3-1-16, Pegasus Down

I've always wanted to write a thriller using my travels in Europe as the backdrop.  As foreign locations tend to be complicated, I was excited when, two years ago, I finally formed the outline for the story.  

Summer before last, I sat down to start writing the novel that would become Pegasus Down.  I wrote, rewrote, cursed, paced, (with a limp, after having knee surgery)  Many months later, the book was finally written, and ready to venture out into the world. 

I handed it over to my agent, who worked her magic on the first round of edits, and then we sent it to my publisher.  From that point on, only a handful of people read the book.  More edits are made, the rough edges smoothed, the cover art created, and the book is scheduled for release.  It takes another year, a very long year in my mind, as the first to typically read my finished novel are the reviewers.  In the case of Pegasus Down, here's what they've had to say: 

I'm pleased, and I hope you will be as well.  Spread the word, and know that the next Donovan Nash thriller will come out in March of 2017.  I'm halfway home on that one.