Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Tour 2014---and a look back

It's day 33 of book tour, and as suspected, I'm a little tired and in pain from moving about, but very happy with what I've found out in the world.  People are buying books, more specifically, they're buying my books.  Which of course takes the edge off any of the unpleasantness of being on the road.  I've met so many wonderful people at signings, as well as reconnected with old friends.  It's all worth the effort.

I'm currently in Friday Harbor which is a special place in it's own right, but even more special for me due to the fact that I lived here for a while and worked on Deadly Echoes.  It's no accident that parts of the action within Deadly Echoes take place here in the San Juan Islands.  Not much else to report, but I will share a few pictures of this journey and urge everyone who has read the book to post a review on Amazon.  Spread the word and Thanks.
                                          A rooftop bar in Laguna Beach where the ideas for
                                          Deadly Echoes formed and an adult beverage or two
                                          may have been consumed.

                                         A wonderful old house in the San Juan Islands where I
                                         wrote the bulk of Deadly Echoes.

                                          This is what happens to old, edited, obsolete
                                          manuscripts when there's no shredder around.

                                          A beach I often go to and a certain two span bridge

                                          One of my favorite days in the process. Books straight
                                          out of the box. 

                                         All four of my books at my favorite bookstore.  Once
                                         Upon a Crime in Minneapolis, MN.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Deadly Echoes debut and Internation Thriller Writers Interview

4-1-2014  Once Upon a Crime Bookstore in Minneapolis MN.  For each of my four books, this place has hosted the opening day signing.   They also had all of my hardcover books in stock, so we snapped a quick picture. Thanks Pat and Gary--you guys are the best!

Below is a link to an interview I gave the ITW--