Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You've been warned...

.99 cent summer beach read madness!

It's been four months since Pegasus Down was launched, and I'm happy to report that the e-Book title will go on sale for Kindle, Nook, and iTunes platforms, June 30th, through July 7th. Yes, only .99 cents.

Now when I say beach read, I mean that as a euphemism for any relaxing place you might want to read a novel.  In this case however, it does not translate to reading on the plane headed for vacation.  Consider it a friendly suggestion.  Give the cover a quick glance, what with all that lightning, and the radar scope superimposed over Europe--just know the cool artwork is no accident--it's a preview.  Just saying, now enjoy.

Since Pegasus Down was launched, there have been some of the best reviews ever for a Donovan Nash thriller.  Below are some of my favorites:


“The sixth and latest novel in the simply outstanding 'Donovan Nash' series, "Pegasus Down" is another superbly crafted action/adventure suspense thriller from the pen of Philip Donlay and once again confirms him to be a master of the genre.”  --Midwest Book Review

 “I'm sure that, as I read, at times I forgot to breathe. Pegasus Down is the thriller of the year.”  –Book Loons

 “Philip Donlay’s Pegasus Down, the sixth book in his Donovan Nash series, is an action-packed thrill ride from the opening scene."  –Forward Reviews
Have a great summer and read books!