Monday, April 25, 2016

Summer to do list:

Hello all--

I just finished the Spring portion of the Pegasus Down book tour, and I want to thank all of the people who made this year the best yet.  You're wonderful!  Hopefully I'll see everyone again next year.  As I start my summer, here are a few pictures that turned up in my travels.

A photo from the 2016 book tour

 A photo of my very first book signing (2004)

I wish these things could be planned better, but summer will find me on an operating table in Minneapolis getting various body parts repaired.  So while everyone else throws on shorts and heads outside, I'll be muttering bad words and hobbling to physical therapy.  

Two years ago it was my knee.  This year it's my shoulder, my right shoulder to be specific. You know, the one I fly fish with, drive my stick shift car with, the one that seems to come in handy for just about everything.  So this summer's list now goes something like this:

Shoulder surgery
Write a new Donovan Nash Thriller

Yes, writing will be done this summer.   I just finished a round of edits for next years thriller: Seconds to Midnight, (March 7th, 2017) and I must say I'm particularly proud of this one.  In true Donovan Nash fashion, STM has the potential to keep the reader up far past their bedtime.  Oh, and as usual, I dare you to read it on a plane. 

So, as I convalesce in Montana, sipping a cool beverage (left handed), rest assured I'll be working on the next Donovan Nash thriller.  More to follow.

Everyone have a safe summer, read books!