Monday, April 17, 2017

TJ Turner and Abraham Lincoln

Hello all--

After a very hectic six weeks since Seconds to Midnight was released, I'm taking a bit of a break.  I have a round of edits to complete for next years book, and I also have a story I want to share. 

In 2007, my second novel, Code Black was released into silence.  I was still flying then, and it seemed like the universe was conspiring to repeatedly send me out of the country so I couldn't do much of anything to promote my novel.  Duty called, but I clearly remember the frustration as my visions of writing novels seemed to dissolve as I sat helplessly and watched Code Black flounder.  I recovered, eventually, but the frustration is still etched in my mind.

Fast forward to 2017, and a friend of mine, award winning novelist, TJ Turner is currently stationed in Afghanistan. His second novel, Land of Wolves, is being released May 2nd without him present,  and my plan is to make some well deserved noise for this book.  I first met TJ several years ago in San Diego, at a Veterans Day book event, and he instantly hooked me with a brief synopsis of his debut novel, Lincoln's Bodyguard.   I loved his story, and as early as I could, I got an advanced copy of his second book, Land of Wolves, and it's perhaps even better than his first.  Land of Wolves has kept me thinking about the story weeks after I finished the last page.

I'm happy for TJ's success, and I'm hoping he returns home soon so he can tell you his story himself.  I've already ordered a hardcover copy for the shelf where my favorites sit, and I urge you to do the same. It's the beginning of what I hope is a long-lived series.  Way to go TJ.

Wherever books are sold.

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