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AFTERSHOCK-----A Donovan Nash Thriller


Aftershock by Philip Donlay on March 3, 2015

Earthquakes, poisonous gas, lava flows—Donovan Nash flies headlong into a volcanic nightmare
The flames of Donovan Nash’s worst nightmare are fanned to life when Stephanie VanGelder, one of those closest to him, is kid-napped in the volcanic powder keg of a lawless Guatemala. With help from his inner circle, including his estranged wife, Dr. Lauren McKenna, Nash races headlong into a world of corruption and deception. Battling the kidnappers, as well as the deadly gas and lava from the impending eruption of a volcano, Donovan only has one chance to save Stephanie.
Amid earthquakes, volcanic ash, and lava, the rescue goes horribly wrong, and Donovan is forced to find a way for everyone, including a mysterious woman who holds the secrets to his past, to escape one of the most powerful forces on earth. Aftershock is the story of Donovan Nash, a man battling his torturous past, while struggling to survive along with the most important people in his life. In the face of impending death, Donovan must find the courage to face a shocking truth he’s sought for decades—a truth that will change him forever.

Philip Donlay learned to fly at age seventeen and was first published at eighteen. In the aviation world, success came quickly and he's been flying jets since he was twenty years old. Flying a Saudi sheik, nighttime freight, and executives of a Fortune 500 company, Donlay has logged over six million miles spanning the globe to forty countries on five continents. Donlay burst onto the literary scene in 2004 with the publication of his first novel, Code Black, followed by Category Five, Zero Separation, Deadly Echoes and Aftershock.

Phil divides his time between Montana and the Pacific Northwest.

Praise for the Donovan Nash Series…
"A heart-thumping ride that steams along, bringing our flawed world into pristine focus. Lots of mischief and mayhem, the characters fraught with danger, the plot hitting all the right notes. Definitely check this one out."
—Steve Berry, New York Times best-selling author of The Patriot Threat

"The novel boasts both male and female characters who are strong and realistic (that isn’t always the case in action-oriented thrillers). Fans of Donlay’s too-little-known Donovan Nash series will devour this one, and it may be the book that extends the author’s reach."
"Philip Donlay’s new thriller, Zero Separation, is a timely and terrifying roller-coaster ride depicting the realities of the post-9/11 world. Deftly plotted and expertly executed by a gifted writer who also happens to be a licensed pilot, Donlay’s story opens with a bang and doesn’t let go."
Sheldon Siegel, New York Times best-selling author of Final Verdict

"Deadly Echoes by Philip Donlay, the fourth novel to feature Donovan Nash, offers me a chance to use a word I can’t remember ever using in a review before. Yes, this is a. . . wait for it. . . a ripsnorting adventure…certainly exceeds the aver-age wow factor in terms of thriller plot…If you are sufficiently tuned in and are rooting for these people, this will certainly hold your attention as the pages flash by in full page-turner mode."

—Sacramento/San Francisco Book Review


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