Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hopping on one foot, swearing, and a grand slam.

Waiting...my least favorite thing.  I waited in the doctor's office, then I waited as the doctor went through my x-rays and MRI images.  I waited as he explained that due to some blood thinners I take, we need to wait two weeks before doing any surgery.  Crap.

So, I'm in the cabin, crutches are hard work, and a deterrent to moving around, so I hop and swear.  I can drive, so I've taken a few scenic trips and then I decided I should teach myself to drive a stick  using only my right foot.  It's difficult, requires a little concentration, but it's not impossible..or very smooth for that matter.

My son finishes finals this week and is headed my way to help me through the eventual surgery, which is good.  He'll also be in a postion to help me while I work on that new novel I'm suppossed to be writing.

There was a question I threw out there on my last blog.  Without the distraction of fishing, would I write more, or start happy hour earlier?  The early reports are in--book six has a working title, and I've begun, and as usual, with a bang.

I was sifting through some camera uploads and I found one of my favorites from the book signing in Anacortes.  Jeff brought in the first three of my books and bought Deadly Echoes!  In my world it's a  literary grand slam!  Thanks Jeff, I'll see you next year.

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