Friday, January 31, 2014

As the glow of its tiny screen faded forever, I was gripped with both grief and fear--my beloved Blackberry had reached the end of it's life. The time had come for me to finally get a smartphone.

It was a steep learning curve. But now I can get the weather, find out where I am, take a picture, and miracle of miracles...make a phone call.  Then there's all those apps.

By far, the coolest thing my phone does is through a clever little app from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Have you ever sat in a restaurant, looked at the fish selection on the menu, and wondered if your selection is good or bad for the planet?  I do, since I worry about such things. Consult this app and you can do yourself, and your planet a favor.  It's amazing.  Had I know about this one single app earlier, I may have pushed my Blackberry off a cliff years ago.

When I say I worry about these things I wasn't exaggerating.  My new thriller, Deadly Echoes features a ruthless group of eco-terrorists.  They're easily an example of extremism gone terribly wrong. (for a more complete synopsis click the Amazon link below)  The book is meant to entertain, and if the early reviews are any indication--it does its job well.   In the process of writing Deadly Echoes, my research opened my eyes to some realities, that in turn made me want to alter my behavior slightly.  It's not hard, and with just one app, and a few seconds, I can make an informed decision about what I eat.  The result is that somewhere out there, a fish, and possibly an entire ecosystem will be better off for the effort.

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